Monday, April 10, 2006

some more about my lifeline

long time no post...the primary motivation for me starting this blog was to tell my story, and now that its done i dont really know what i want to do. one of the reasons for me wanting to tell my story was that some three months after i had quit smoking etc in feb 2002, a friend of mine had remarked that if it was possible for me to quit, then its possible for anyone to quit, i thanked him for the compliment (to the one reading this, please dont assume that i was a chain smoker or anything like that, but yes, i was dependent) and we had a good laugh. extending the same logic, if it was possible for me to experience some grace, then i guess it is possible for anyone. if reading my account, even if one person gets motivated enough to try and experience the power and grace of sukhmani sahib, it would mean something to me.
at the moment i am sharing something more about sukhmani sahib. i had to think a while before deciding to write this down because i believe that devotion is a very personal thing. everyone devotes oneself the way one is destined to. i also believe that one should devote oneself quietly and without making too much noise about it. but then i feel i am not harming anyone by writing about my experiences....right then, i dont remember when exactly it was, maybe two years back when someone told me that doing the paath of sukhmani sahib 51 times within a span of 40 days carries a major significance. as it is i enjoy doing the sukhmani sahib and when i was told this, it became a reason to increase the frequency. i dont know about 40 days though, because each time i did this "experiment??", i did it within 18 days, with an average of about 3 paaths a day. i dont want to talk about what all things happened, but yes, the very first time itself i did this, a significant event in life for the better and for the good happened. and my experience has been that every time i do this, something good and positive always comes about (well yes, there is no such thing as good or bad, it is the programming done by god of each body mind organism to percieve things as per ones karma and destiny, one mans nector can be someone elses poison. so i percieve and classify things as good and bad, light and dark, the way i have been programmed and destined to).