Monday, February 27, 2006

my next visit to hazur sahib was in march 2003, during hola mohalla, i had gone as sewadar with a sewak jatha. our job was to prepare langar at gurdwara langar sahib. i thoroughly enjoyed myself at that time. at gurdwara langar sahib, langar is on 24 hrs and sangat congregates in thousands during hola mohalla. so cooking langar was a full time thing. we were divided into two groups, each for day and night sewa. i was in the day duty and it was so much fun. the sewadars would come in at about 4.30am to wake us up and i would have bath, then go to the langar hall to have tea and then get to work in the kitchen...the immensity and the scale at which langar is made during festivals has to be seen to be believed. it was hard work, but fun. every evening i would go to the sachkhand gurdwara for some time and send some time sitting on the steps leading to to godavri river. after a few days of returning home, i was blessed again with a vision on guru gobind singhji in a dream, which i still remember vividly...and some time later i had a vision of guru nanak devji...during that time i was very worried about my work. one afternoon i lay down in our living room, pleading in my mind to babaji for help, i drifted off to semi sleep, and i had a vision of guru nanak devji, holding me by my right wrist and walking, dragging me behind him, i was unconscious and not even on my feet and there was total darkness all around, except the radiance that was being emitted by guruji. i woke up so so happy, and a bit ashamed, for in that vision i was not even on my feet...

these experiences and visions have been of immense value, whenever i am down, unhappy, negetive etc i draw strength from them. one other thing i woulkd like to say here is that though i have seen many pictorial depictions of guru nanak devji, the only one i have come across which corresponds with my vision is the one by artist sobha singh.

in the next post i will try and put up some photographs.


Blogger Sifar said...

I never saw any of the Gurus in dream or otherwise, like a lot of people claim. But at Amrit Sanchar in 2003, I could feel pretty strong vibes of Guru Gobind Singh jee being there.

3:01 AM  
Blogger simran singh said...

i would love to know and interact with such people...those who have had such visions...personally i have not come across many people who have had first hand experiences...please do let me know if you know of a blog or some site where i can read about authentic experiences of grace.

9:53 AM  

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